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What is Karndean Flooring?

Karndean is a brand name for a type of resilient hardwearing flooring, often referred to as a LVT or a 'Luxury Vinyl Tile' these products have grown in popularity over the last 20 or so years offering a wide range of wood, stone and ceramic tile effects.

Karndean flooring followed in the footsteps created by other established LVT brands such as Amtico. 

Karndean flooring is durable, attractive, extremely hard wearing and cost effective, as the tiles themselves are only approximately 2.5 - 3mm thick, the vinyl tiles can be installed into a variety of areas including both domestic and commercial flooring installations, 

Perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Hallways, Lounges, Dining Room Areas, Bedrooms, Conservatory Areas, pretty mach any area within the home. 

Karndean Flooring is also used in commercial installations including, Coffee Shops, Supermarkets, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Student Accommodation, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Airports Etc.. 

Karndean floor tiles consist of a base layer and a decorative layer topped by an extremely durable top layer.

Karndean Fitting Services: 

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Karndean Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can i install Karndean flooring myself? 

A: Karndean Flooring is best installed by trained installation experts for best results especially the fully adhered (or full stick down ranges) some of the clic or loose lay systems could be installed by a competent trades person of skilled DIY enthusiast.

Q: How much preparation is required? 

A: As with any successful installation good preparation is the key to a high quality finished floor, for fully adhered (or stick down ranges)

Timber Floors: such as chipboard or floorboards will require an overlay of high quality flooring grade plywood secured at 100mm centres with adequate approved fixings, all fixing heads and joints are then normally finished with a feather edge type latex smoothing compound.

Concrete Floors: Such as sand and cement or concrete floors should be primed and prepared with a suitable latex smoothing compound, care should be taken to select the correct types of smoothing compound as recommended by the manufacturer.

Concrete type floors should also be checked for moisture (this could be residual construction moisture if a new screed or rising damp in older buildings without an effective damp course) with a hygrometer or similar device as any moisture trapped within the screed can cause failure of your Karndean flooring installation, To address this issue Cameron Lee offer full damp proofing and sub floor preparation service.

Generally the advice is normally that the sub floor will need to be sound, smooth and dry, as with any flooring installation. 

Cameron Lee offer a FREE no obligation surveying service.

Q: Why Choose Karndean Flooring? 

A:  Karndean flooring offers the looks and feel of a wooden stone or ceramic tile floor without some of the associated draw backs, and often at less cost, it's inherently warm (unlike ceramic tiles and stone) and easier to maintain than a wooden floor.

Karndean flooring has an extremely large range of surface decors to choose from.

The stick down Karndean ranges do not require any perimeter expansion gap (as required with a wooden floor) this means no alterations are normally required to your existing skirting boards or decorations.

Q: Can i use Karndean flooring with underfloor heating?

A: Yes providing the floors are installed with the correct adhesive and manufacturers specific instructions are adhered to.

Karndean Stick Down Ranges an overview:

Karndean Stick Down / Fully Adhered Ranges: 

As the name suggests the following ranges are designed to be fully adhered (or stuck down with adhesive all over) for a permanent bond and a very resilient installation.

All Karndean stick down ranges must be installed to a well prepared floor, typically concrete bases are prepared with a latex smoothing compound, (and a damp proof membrane if required) Timber bases are usually prepare with a high quality flooring grade plywood, all to give a smooth and even surface ready to receive new coverings, as with any installtion, good quality preparation is the key to a successful project and great looking results. Our trained surveyors can check you existing floor and reccomend the perfect new Karndean Flooring for your circumstances.

The top of the range Karndean Art Select flooring features ultra realistic wood and stone effects with a very high quality finish, for clients wanting the pinnacle of Luxury Vinyl Tile looks and performance,

The Karndean  Da Vinci Premium Range offers smooth stone and wood planks with bevelled edges, offering a wide range of wood, stone, and ceramic tile effects  

The Karndean Michelangelo range, shimmering Mosaic and Pebble Effects perfect for glamorous Bathroom & Ensuite Areas.

The Karndean Van Gogh Large Rustic Wood Planks giving a realistic and characterful wood floor look

The Karndean Opus Contemporary Styles featuring Greys and Concrete Effects, perfect for modern interiors, with a full range of complimentary borders and feature strips, allowing our clients to be creative with their interiors

The Karndean Knight Tile A wide range of wood and stone effects with options for Borders and Feature Strips 

Karndean Easy Install Loose Lay & Click Flooring Ranges: 

The Karndean Easy Fit Ranges are designed for ease of installation, with a wide range of textures and designs, there is a style to suit every need, with the additional advantages of additional impact noise reduction values, quick installation and often less preparation requirements than the Karndean fully adhered ranges detailed above, often being able to install over less than perfect subfloors.

The Karndean LooseLay and Karndean LooseLay Longboard, Feature a rubberised grip backing these products can be installed in a semi loose lay fashion with the use of a tackifier adhesive, allowing removal for work to services beneath the floor, perfect for computer floors and office areas, also offering addition noise reduction properties. With patented K Wave Backing.



LooseLay explained diagram


The Palio Clic by Karndean Easy to supply and install, with a simple and proven glueless click loc system.

Feature K-Core technology, Korlok no need for a separate underlay, perfect for loft conversions, and large open plan extensions 

Korlok Layer Diagram

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