Crucial Trading Natural Flooring & Carpets Bristol Bath

Here at Cameron lee Carpets Bristol we love the textures, colours and inspired unique designs produced by ‘Crucial Trading’

‘Crucial Trading’ Were at the forefront of the Natural Flooring Revolution producing Alternative flooring styles ahead of most others, their high quality Natural products made predominantly from Coir, Sisal, Seagrass, and Jute, have been a firm favourite of interior designers, and fashion conscious home owners for many years.

The Crucial Trading ranges offer the perfect option for clients looking to stand aside from the crowd and make a statement with a natural textured feature floorcovering.

Natural floorcoverings produced by Crucial Trading are sustainable, ethically sourced, and offer a combination of durability and great looks,

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most commonly used Natural Flooring Materials:

Seagrass: (Cyperaceae)

And ancient material discovered in fossil records dating back over 100 Million Years, Happy to grow in poor quality soils, and backed under the heta of the sun, showered by ocean spray, grown under special sup[ervision and careful management in China and Vietnam, sparing coastal ecosystems. The Crucial Trading ranges of Seagrass Natural Floorcoverings are tough, attractive, and durable.

Ranges include: Seagrass Basketweave, Seagrass Herringbone, SEagrass Original, Seagrass Sabai,

Coir: (Cocos Nucifera):

Produced in Coconut Groves of the Keralan Shoreline, taken from the protective hairy husk layer that surround the nut, with all of the materials collected and processed by hand, the Coconuts are soaked in water for up to 10 months, following which the Coir fibres are separated, processed and spun into a yarn, one of nature’s toughest natural materials and perfect for producing stunning natural Coir flooring.

Ranges include: Coir Herringbone, Coir Boucle & Coir Panama

Sisal: (Agave Sisalana)

Sourced predominantly from Brazil, China, &Tanzania, using sustainable Sisal Plantations, the Sisal leaves are harvested & dried for a month, the fibres are then processed to produce a fine quality sisal twine, used for centuries to produce ropes for shipping and now used to produce stunning natural flooring products, perfect for Hallways, Lounge and Dining Rooms, the perfect accompaniment to wooden furniture and timber flooring, softer than and more refined than its Coir counterpart.

Ranges include: Bali, Aztec, Basket, Basket Accents, Big Boucle Accents, Big Boucle Classics, Big Boucle Titan, City, Harry, Herringbone, Linen, Malawi, Mysia, Oriental, Panama New Champagne, Sahara, Small Boucle Accents, Small Boucle Classics, Togo

Jute: (Rchorus Capsularis)

Used since the days of the British Raj right up until the 1970s Jute has been a firm favourite throughout history, a strong fibre with a unique textured quality, woven into long lasting durable natural flooring products

Ranges include: Jute Herringbone, Jute Jhutex, Jute Ju-Tweed

Wool: (Ovis Aries)

Sourced from the finest renowned Wool producing regions of New Zealand, used for centuries the warmth and comfort of fine wool products will stand the test of time for years to come, sourced from sustainable herds of sheep with the finest fleeces, Wool if a perfect choice for the product of fine quality carpets & floor-coverings

Ranges include: Affluence, Alluring, Alluring Stripe, Audrey, Biscayne, Biscayne Plains, Boston, Chicago, Coast, Fabulous, Fuji, Indulgent, Inspire, Kansas, Kyoto, Linen in Wool, London, Lustre, Malabar, Mississippi, Mojave, Moloko, Monsoon, Opal, Oregan, Oregan Stripe, Romeo, Rustica, Serenity, Sisool Big Boucle Classics, Sisool Masai, Sisool Tanzania, Sisool Tric, Tibet, Venice, Wilton Panache, Wilton Style, Wilton Vogue, Wool N Country

The Crucial Trading company also offer a full range of stunning made to order rugs, and stair runners, with feature linen, cotton, and leather edge bindings, to create the ultimate statement flooring piece, perfect for use over hard surfaces such as wooden flooring, engineered wood flooring, Laminate flooring, Amtico & Karndean Flooring & Ceramic Tiles, or perfect to make a feature of your Hallway or Staircase Areas,

It’s all about high quality materials, used to make fine quality natural flooring products using time served methods of production that have stood the test of time. With natural looks texture affordability and durability the Crucial Trading range of high quality floorcoverings has it all!

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