#TuesdayTip All About Twist Pile

Questions or concerns about Twist Pile carpers? Cameron Lee are here to help: 

How are twist pile carpets made?

Twist Pile carpets are manufactured using several cut pile fibres that are twisted together, creating a strong carpet with a lightly textured finish to the surface, Twist pile carpets are available in plains and heather type effects and can be found in both wool and man-made fibres, the most common combination of twist pile fibres would be: 80% wool with 20% Nylon, 50% Wool with 50% Nylon, or 100% Man-made fibre such as polypropylene.

Are twist pile carpets stain resistant? 

The 100% man-made fibre Carpets are normally inherently stain resistant and are perfect for customers looking for an easy to clean, durable and hard wearing product. Wool or Wool Combination Twist Pile Carpets give a more subtle and natural look and will normally offer a wider range of colours, these products are equally as durable as their man made counterparts, although not as resistant to soiling. For clients preferring the natural look of a wool product an additional layer of Scotch guard treatment can be applied.

How durable/well suited are twist pile carpets? 

Twist pile carpets generally perform well and are amongst the most popular types of carpet sold today; Twist pile carpets are hard wearing and suitable for most areas within the home such as Hall Stairs and Landing Areas, Dining Room Areas, Lounge, Study Areas & Bedroom Areas

How can I get view your ranges? 

You can view a small sample of our twist pile ranges online, or pop into your nearest Cameron Lee showroom to see samples of the full ranges that we offer from the UK's leading carpet manufacturers. 

Any more questions?

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